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School: California Primary, Falkirk. Pupil roll 95, age of children involved 5-12. headteacher Edward MacLennan

What was the best arts company to visit your school in the past year?

Hopscotch Theatre Company

How did you hear about them? They contacted the school.

What did they do? There were two players, a man and a woman, and they put on a show called Easy-Peasy, which aimed to demystify computers and put a human face on technology. They brought their own props, including a cardboard computer, and their own costumes. There was folk-style music on tape, but they sang as well and involved the kids.

Did you do any preparation work? No

Any follow-up work? No - apart from our normal use of computers.

What did the visit cost? pound;125 and it was well worth it.

Who paid? The school paid half and the children paid half, so it cost each child about 50p.

What was so good about them? They were extremely good actors, but the chap in particular perhaps held the show together. They made the stories come alive and I was particularly impressed by the clarity of their speech. They enunciated beautifully, so the children could hear every word and it really did help to demystify technology for them.

How relevant was it to the curriculum? Absolutely, both as an introduction to the IT elements and in showing what benefits can be derived from using computers.

Contact Hopscotch Theatre Company, tel: 0141 440 2025

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