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Star Turns;Arts in Scotland;Interview;Hilarie McCallum

School: Hallglen Primary, Falkirk, 328 pupils; age of children involved, three to five; nursery teacher Hilarie McCallum.

What was the best arts company to visit in the past year? The Connect Cumbernauld Theatre Community Drama Team.

How did you hear about them? They sent a flyer to us last year and we were so pleased with them that we asked them to put us down for this year - and next. What did they do? What they call their winter project - a performance of The Gingerbread Man involving drama, mime, music, movement, art and storytelling. The three performers acted and used all sorts of puppets. Did you do any preparation beforehand? Yes, I made sure the children knew the basic story.

Did you do any follow-up work? I made all the characters out of fabric, and then we made stick, paper and finger puppets.

What did the visit cost? pound;90 plus VAT paid for by a combination of nursery funds and parents. What was so good about them? To the children the chap was the Gingerbread Man. The taped music they brought was terrific. They held the children totally engrossed and afterwards let them handle the puppets. They were just brilliant. How relevant was it to the curriculum? It was definitely relevant to the 3 to 5 curriculum in drama, art, music and - importantly - the traditional art of storytelling.

Connect Cumbernauld Theatre Community Drama Team, tel: 01236 737235

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