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Star turns;Theatre;Arts in Scotland;Interview;Kathleen Rowan

School: Netherbird Primary, Cumnock, 284 pupils aged 3-11. Headteacher Kathleen Rowan

What was the best arts event to visit your school in the past year? The Glen Michael Cavalcade

How did you hear about him? He comes round the schools offering his services and he called in on us

What did he do? He showed cartoons to the children - like Road Runner, Sylvester the Cat and Tweety Pie, and he does basic magic - the really simple stuff, like producing coins from behind ears and the children just lapped it up

Did you do any preparation beforehand? No. This was pure entertainment

Did you do any follow-up work? No

What did the visit cost? pound;220

Who paid? The children paid pound;1 per head

What was so good about him? He was able to achieve that balance between letting the children have their heads and yet keeping them under control, so that they didn't get so high that they couldn't settle down to the next cartoon. The visuals were also very, very good: he had the stage very beautifully decorated - he'd even brought his own Paladin lamp.

How relevant was his visit to the curriculum? Probably not at all relevant. It was pure fun. The hassle of taking the children out on bus trips to theatres and so on just isn't worth the bother and we're allowed to have fun sometimes - aren't we?

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