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ARTS LETTERS DRAW Pounds 5 schools offer or Pounds 34.95 excl. ARTS LETTERS EXPRESS Pounds 65 excl. Drawing programs with clip-art libraries for Windows PCs with a CD-Rom drive (minimum 386 with four megabytes of memory), Deverill Business Systems, 1 Victoria Road, Parkstone Poole, Dorset BH12 3BA.Tel: 01202 722 554 Fax: 01202 735139Age range: 8- adults.

If you can't draw but like the idea of making illustrated stories, posters and the rest, here's a way forward: get a computer drawing program.

If it's like Arts Letters Draw, you start by dragging pictures from its library of ready-made art straight on to a page.

There are pictures of foods, animals, cartoons and people as well as flags and world maps, all with an unusually consistent style.

So when you've found what you want, you can mix them together for a satisfying result.

Draw is a quality program for children and teachers. Pictures can be pulled apart, re-coloured, edited or draw from scratch. Words can be stretched, squashed or turned inside out.

Special pictures of dinosaurs can have their limbs moved around, as you might with a toy, so that they are running, jumping or whatever.

Draw is worth its full price, and it is certainly worth the offer price. The CD-Rom and on-screen manual will probably bring an old-ish Window Box PC to life.

Secondary schools might like to go for Express with its 10,000 indexed images and special effects like shape warping and extruding.

As with Draw, it is speedy and, quite cleverly, lets you go on working as it re-draws a screen.

Today, even good drawing programs are sold at silly low prices while market leaders, such as Corel Draw are so successful they cause market casualties around them.

Arts is one of those mishaps, but this smooth program and collection of editable images makes it, and can make others, a technical and artistic success.

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