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Starting the habit

Kilgraston, the all-girls independent school in Perthshire, has appointed Sister Louise Docherty as chaplain. Nothing untoward there, except that the school makes a very precise claim. Sister Louise is said to be the first full-time woman chaplain working in a Scottish Catholic school.

She will no doubt find life in Kilgraston quite a change after spending 10 years at Our Lady of the Passion Monastery in Northamptonshire "where she lived a strictly enclosed and contemplative life". In Perthshire, "she is closely involved with every aspect of school life", moving smartly to work with a group on human sexuality.

An ambiguous note tells us: "Following the lead given by Mary McKouen, a Sacred Heart nun, in her book on chaplaincy Wasting Time in Schools, Kilgraston has appointed Sister Louise Docherty."

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