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School: Culross primary, Fife. Pupil roll 84, age of pupils involved P1-7. Headteacher Christina Izatt

What was the best arts company to visit your school in the past year? Eduardo, definitely - a Peruvian mime artiste from Glasgow.

How did you hear about him? We'd had him at my previous school, so I knew how good he was when he rang here to see if we'd be interested.

How long did he spend with you? An afternoon.

What did he do? Dressed like a clown, or a circus ringmaster with theatrical trousers and braces, a white face and crosses at his eyes, he performed wonderful mimes for the whole school, involving the children as his helpers and showing them the tricks of mime and juggling. Of course, it helps if, like him, you can fold yourself upside down and pick your hat up with your feet! He also did a workshop with the P4-7 children.

Did you do any preparation? No - it was a big surprise for the children.

Did you do any follow-up work? They've assimilated what he did and what he taught them.

What did the visit cost? pound;70 Who paid? The school fund. We'd been doing a fair bit of fund raising and this was the reward for everybody.

What was so good about the visit? He was wonderful with the children and kept them utterly entertained throughout. His appearance is so exotic: he looks foreign with his long dark hair in a pony tail. It was something that they could only otherwise have seen in a theatre and it was very special for them to see his work at such close range. I also think it was good for the children to see how he has created a career out of his talents. We can't all be good at reading and writing, and if you're thinking about "the whole child", which is our school's ethos, then it's so good for them to see how different talents can be harnessed.

How relevant was it to the curriculum? Perfectly relevant to expressive arts and, in terms of suppleness and fitness, to PE.

Eduardo Sanchez, tel: 0141 423 8118

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