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Stat's amazing

* 54% of UK students find school boring

* In Ireland it jumps to

67% * 46% of Italian students say classrooms are noisy and disorderly

* In Japan it drops to 17%

* pound;3,053 is the average primary teacher starting salary in Hungary

* In Germany it's pound;15,731, in Switzerland it's pound;17,591

* In the UK it's pound;18,558

* 59 years - the average number of years of teaching experience for secondary school teachers in Russia

* In the UK, it's 28

* 14 is the average average class size in Iceland's primary schools

* The cost of Teachers' TV to UK taxpayers each year pound;20m

* 7% of America's GDP spent on education.

* It's 5.3% in the UK and 4.6% in Japan * 7.8% The proportion of the total workforce of Iceland who are are teachers

* In the UK it's 3.8%

* 25% of new maths teachers used to work in banking

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