Stay safe online

A new qualification in internet safety which will give pupils skills in recognising grroming, cyber crime and identity theft has been launched.

The e-qualification, with a unique online-only format, the Intermediate 1 unit, is described by the Scottish Qualifications Authority as the first in the world. It will be offered across Scotland from April after a successful pilot programme last year.

As it is delivered online, other learning centres such as colleges and libraries will also offer access to the course, and the public will be able to see all the learning material on a site which the SQA will make available in the near future.

As part of the development of the unit, the BBC, Learning and Teaching Scotland, and BT were consulted and more than 500 teachers were surveyed for their views. The research showed widespread enthusiasm among teachers for more online learning - alongside traditional teaching methods - and found that more than 30 per cent of teachers believed e-learning would play a "crucial" role in the future.

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