Step out of your comfort zone

Schoolchildren are invited to think and act globally during One World Week, October 19-26, on the theme "Stretching the Limits".

Among the resources produced to help schools organise activities is a free leaflet, Stretching the Possibilities of the National Curriculum to the Limits. It contains ideas for activities and highlights links between the One World Week Action Kit and Picture Pack and the curriculum (Pounds 4.75, three for Pounds 10.50, five for Pounds 15). The leaflet also includes requirements for pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and aspects of the Office for Standards in Education inspection framework.

The action kit shows how "interesting things happen when you step outside your comfort zone". Besides extending pupils' sense of community, it aims to help them develop their sense of global responsibility (through imprisoned smugglers' stories of the international drugs trade), their dramatic abilities, their religious faith (if they have one) and to respect our planet's limitations. It also looks at do-it-yourself "parish" mapping and fair trade campaigns.

Details: OWW programme staff, PO Box 100, London SE1 7RT, tel: 0171 523 2016. For resources tel: 0171 620 4444.

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