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Still at risk

IN addition to the sadness felt at the tragic news of Bunmi Shagaya's death (TES, July 13), I wonder how many of us are asking when managing the risks of school trips is going to be adequately addressed in the UK?

In this case, teachers were confident they had adequate planning and supervision levels, but did they have sufficient guidance on the skills required to supervise specific activities?

It is a fact that the staffpupil ratios and the skills required to introduce children to a new, or potentially hazardous sport are very different from those required for a more passive activity.

Yet there are tools ( to help teachers manage safe trips. Teachers cannot possibly know about these tools unless their education authorities provide the guidance and support necessary. Until that happens, I believe school trips have the capacity to put both pupils and teachers at risk.

Steve West

Business Manager - Affinity Group

ACE Europe

Accident amp; Health

Temple Back


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