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Still time to save another inner-city open-air oasis

What a splendid place for Sheffield youngsters Whirlow Farm appears to be (TES, May 23). Birmingham introduces its inner-city children to the natural world at the Martineau Environmental Study Centre, and has done so for the past 30 or more years. But, sad to say, no longer.

Unlike Sheffield's leaders, Birmingham councillors, despite their excellent record for common sense, have decided to close the centre at the end of this term. It is not too late for them to change their minds for the good.

As a former Birmingham headmaster, I know the goodwill is there. For the sake of the children, do not let this splendid centre die. Its location less than a mile from the city hub must be unique. It would be impossible to recreate. Once abandoned, it would be gone forever.


Hope Park Bentlawnt Minsterley Shropshire

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