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Stop right there: the learning limbo land

Readers of the article "Gove is warned: 'Physics trainee target simply cannot be met'" (25 February) might have been given the impression that the Institute of Physics (IoP), while supportive of the targets for physics teachers, were of the view that they were impossible to achieve.

In fact, we do welcome the targets and, while the late announcement of them in this round of applications will undoubtedly make them difficult to achieve, we believe they are achievable in the longer term.

The IoP will be working to ensure the required number of entrants is met. One factor that might have a major effect would be the possibility of physics and engineering graduates training to teach the combination of physics and mathematics - a more natural combination than, say, physics and biology.

However, at present, only one provider offers this as a possibility.

Professor Peter Main, Director of education and science, IoP.

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