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Stop wasting our time

I strongly agree with your article on poor job advertisements (TES, Jobs, May 9). I am studying for a postgraduate certificate in education at the University of Wales Institute Cardiff, and recently applied for a position as a design technology teacher in Pembrokeshire.

I asked the school if it was suitable for newly-qualified teachers. The reply was "yes". I spent a considerable time filling in an application form and waited for a response.

When some weeks passed and it was obvious that I was unsuccessful, I telephoned the school to ask for some feedback. The head said that he was in fact looking for an experienced teacher who would be able to teach a full timetable.

At present, my time is very valuable. I have college assignments, lesson plans to prepare, job applications to fill out and interviews to prepare for. On coming into a new profession, we should be welcomed with open arms and not dismayed by schools producing poor adverts.

Please, can schools start producing quality adverts and stop wasting our time and theirs.

Julian James

79 Arran Street Roath, Cardiff

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