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Strange days

WITH unity in the air, the tactics of Hank Roberts, that one-man campaigner for a single union, have taken a subtle twist. Old conference hands are used to seeing Hank, a member of all three main classroom unions, turn up at the ATL in a razor sharp suit and tie. Then he switches to rent-a-Trot leather jacket and black jeans for the NUT, and back to the suit for NASUWT. Not this year. First h blinded the sober ATL with a loud red Hawaiian shirt, and at the NUT he brought out The Suit on day one. In a stunning coup de grace, he next addressed delegates in a Harry Hill shirt (white, huge collar) and a smart black waistcoat adorned with a Jackson Pollock splatter painting. By now no one knew where they were, or which union they were in. A merger is only a matter of time.

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