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Street cred

Parents of pupils at the private Newlands school in Seaford, East Sussex, were miffed when it closed suddenly because of financial difficulties. In April it had been bailed out by two fathers, who paid off administrators so that their sons could continue with their GCSEs.

Now it seems managers have hit on an even more novel method of fundraising.

People have spotted estate agent's signs with the school name, telephone number and slogan - "affordable private education from pound;400 a month"

- locally.

"It's bizarre to say the least," said one parent. "You can't exactly imagine Eton sponsoring an estate agents, but I suppose needs must."

On the reverse, the signs advertise the local stately home Stanmer House, "a winter wonderland set in the midst of Brighton's premier parkland" - presumably for those parents who can still afford a break.

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