Stress busters

The Teacher Support Network suggests a four-step approach: 1) Recognise the problem Symptoms can be emotional, such as feeling irritable; behavioural, such as problems with relationships; or physical, including headaches.

2) Take a few moments to calm down Try a quick relaxation technique, such as breathing deeply, closing your eyes and thinking of an image that relaxes you.

3) Identify and deal with the causes Sometimes you will intuitively know what is wrong, but if not, talk to a friend, family member or colleague. If more specialist advice is needed, speak to your union rep or GP.

4) Take more control of your lifestyle Try listing everything that is bothering you, then work out which things you can control and which you cannot.

Take up a physical activity - even just a brisk daily 20-minute walk. Do something which forces you to think actively about something else, such as meeting friends, cooking a meal or doing a Sudoku puzzle.

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