Strings attached to three-year deal

THE idea of a three-year pay deal for teachers may sound attractive at first. However, a lot would depend upon the strings that are attached by a Government obsessed with test results rather than education.

I would welcome a three-year deal if it meant that I could plan and use the school budget more effectively over the long-term.

It would also be useful for teachers in general and the profession as a whole because of the stability it could bring.

On the other hand, I would be totally opposed to a three-year pay deal that was tied in any way to pupils' results. Payment by results was tried in the 19th century and failed then. For the same reasons - a narrowing of the curriculum, an obsession with testing and inspection - it is not appropriate in the 21st century.

As someone who opposed and still opposes threshold pay, I could never accept more payment by results.

I just hope the professional associations and the ministers get the message. Any pay deal that is introduced should not only be in the interests of teachers but also of pupils. The latter do not need any more pressure to pass tests!

John A Redman Headteacher Cockton Hill Infants School Bishop Auckland, Durham

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