Struck off for filming pupil sex on school tennis trip

A teacher from a top public school has been struck off after using a video camera to record a pupil having sex on a school tennis holiday.

Michael Clarkson, of Shrewsbury School, had been drinking when he set up the partially concealed camera before giving permission to a pupil to take a 17-year-old girl back to his room for sex.

He allowed one pupil from the pound;26,115-a-year all-boys school to go back to his room to have sex twice on the last night of the trip. He set up the camera between the first and second occasions.

The teacher, in charge of the trip to Portugal in April 2006, also allowed pupils to get drunk and failed to impose curfews, the committee found. "This was an appalling failure of judgment and totally alien to the concept of pastoral care and supervision expected of teachers," a ruling by the General Teaching Council for England said.

"Parents have a legitimate expectation that when pupils are entrusted to the care of teachers, they will offer a safe and caring environment, and that teachers will provide role models. Parents are entitled to expect teachers to observe the essential boundaries which are needed between teacher and pupil. Mr Clarkson's behaviour crossed those boundaries in an unacceptable manner and left his pupils feeling vulnerable, confused and frightened."

The committee heard good references from ex-colleagues and his most recent employer, and noted that this was the only mark against his name after 12 years at the school. It also "acknowledged the difficulties of supervising a group of mixed-ability tennis players in a holiday resort away from the structure of the school environment".

But it said that did not excuse the teacher's actions. Mr Clarkson will be allowed to apply to re-register as a teacher after four years.

A science teacher has been banned from working in state schools for at least three years after pupils viewed gay pornography they found on discs in his briefcase.

Nigel Gallimore, from Quintin Kynaston School in north London, also fostered "inappropriate relationships" by texting and emailing pupils and allowing them to smoke.

A GTC disciplinary panel issued a prohibition order, meaning he must wait three years before he can re-apply for eligibility to register as a teacher.

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