Student talk

The Christmas holiday is over and my second term as a student teacher dawns, amid chilling rumours that it is likely to be even tougher than the last.

Already, assignment deadlines loom and there is talk of tricky placements in far-flung places. However, unlike last term, when I was naive and unsuspecting, I am better prepared for the PGDE(P) onslaught: I have a clutch of freshly-made New Year resolutions to sustain me! I have kept them simple, in the hope that I will remember them.

- Maintain family contact and get some sleep: do not work until 1am every night.

- Work quickly and efficiently: take tutorial reading lists with a hefty pinch of salt.

- Eat healthily: midnight feasts do not relieve stress.

Unfortunately, by the time you read this, it is likely that these promises will have been broken, but as a child I was always told that it is the thought that counts. I interpret this to mean that what matters is the making of them, rather than the keeping of them, although I could be mistaken.

Meanwhile, a cursory glance at this term's timetable reveals several highlights, not least the opportunity to study Constructivism again. Back by popular demand, perhaps? We will also be tackling inclusion and behaviour management, which would have been handy preparation for placement last term, but better late than never.

I have a long "to do" list of things I should have completed during the four-week Christmas "holiday" - a misnomer if ever there was one. When it started, I thought I had plenty of time to finish college assignments AND do other things, like reintroduce myself to my family, pluck my long-neglected eyebrows, and tackle the mountain of ironing by my wardrobe.

Of course, life is never that simple and my working holiday started badly with an ill-advised, celebratory night out with fellow students. Next morning, I felt a little worse for wear and awarded myself a day off. And that was that. I had stepped onto the slippery slope of procrastination. Despite this, I did manage to almost finish an assignment. However, I caught the first of two colds and have been making excuses ever since. So, I have lots to do and the new term has barely begun ... anyone fancy a chip supper?

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