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Students have to benefit

I would like to respond to your article relating to the Entry to Employment (E2E) programme (FE Focus, October 1).

E2E was designed for young people who needed additional skills before entering the workforce or further learning. As needs of individuals vary, funding is not time limited.

It is however designed on the basis of an average 22 weeks per student.

Some students may need longer than 22 weeks, whereas others may need just a few weeks.

Far from turning away students the numbers have actually increased - 60,000 not 30,000 learners have been involved to date. Funding has also risen from Pounds 170 million to pound;240m.

E2E has been successful in recruiting young people, but it is not enough just to recruit, there must be a positive outcome. Success is defined as progression into work, into an apprenticeship or on to a further course. At the end of the first year only 34 per cent of young people were successful.

This is not good enough. Our priority is for every young person to succeed.

E2E is not appropriate for everyone and we need to ensure the right young people are on the right course. This is the action we are taking with our partners. It is our responsibility, and that of the organisations we fund, to ensure that individuals recruited to any programme have a good chance of achieving their learning aims.

Our commitment remains to give every 16 to 18-year-old a place in post - 16 education and training.

Caroline Neville Director of learning Learning and Skills Council

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