Students need a living grant

AS a mature university student studying for a zoology degree, I was interested in the Peter Lampl opinion piece (TES, August 9). He is right to point out the gross unfairness of the higher education system.

I have seen bright young students on my course who are so stressed-out and over-worked that, even though they have passed their first year, they were unable to achieve the marks they deserved. Most have at least one job and some have two.

At the age of 44 I have had to sell my home to survive my first year as a student. I live on a student loan which is supplemented by a part-time bar job. By the time I have completed my course I will be in debt by around pound;16,000. It beggars belief that education is still for the rich.

I agree with Mr Lampl's call for means-tested grants (not loans) to give students at least enough to pay rent, bills and buy basic food.

Carole Jones 47 Singleton Avenue Prenton, Cheshire

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