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Studies in art

(Photograph) - These still lifes, along with biographies and background information on the Scottish artists who created them, feature in a new pack entitled 'Still Life for Higher Still' by Edinburgh education department. Left is 'Yellow Flowers' by Jack Knox, above is 'The Tea Table' by J P MacGillivray and right is 'The Blue Lamp' by J D Fergusson. Also fetured in the art pack are 'Shrouded Lunch 2' by Barbara Balmer and 'Still Life is Alive and Kicking' by Ron O'Donnell. The pack costs pound;4 for Edinburgh schools, pound;7.99 for others, and is available from the Education Department, City of Edinburgh Council, 10 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh EH1 3EG, tel 0131 469 3328. Photograph: Edinburgh City Art Centre.

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