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Study aids and web help

Letts resources for English include revised and updated editions of the Letts Explore literature guides for GCSE. These attractively packaged A5 titles include Macbeth, Animal Farm and Pride and Prejudice, all featuring spidergram essay plans, examiner's tips and sample essay responses (pound;4.99 each).

Spidergrams are a key feature of GCSE Success Guide: English English Literature, also from Letts. This A4 "visual revision guide" makes the most of bullet points and pictures as memory aides (pound;3.99).

Letts has published new editions of their Revise GCSE series, now in its 25th year, with titles for English and English Literature. These study guides are written by GCSE examiners and offer advice and in-depth topic-by-topic course coverage. They provide model GCSE answers and exam-style questions (pound;9.99 each).

Lettsrevise is a free online website for GCSE students. From a database of thousands of questions, students are offered timed tests to see how much they have remembered.

For the Scottish curriculum Leckie Leckie's Revision Mind Maps are interactive online software tools and content that offer an interactive approach to exam preparation. Key facts and concepts from more than 25 of Leckie Leckie's Course and Revision Notes have been translated into a series of Mind Maps to support students at Standard Grade, Intermediate and Higher. Animated characters act as guides to the system. In addition to ready-made Revision Mind Maps, students can access a range of revision facilities when they subscribe: interactive testing; study and exam planning facilities with email reminders; performance monitoring; creation and editing of Mind Maps. Students are allocated an interactive "locker space" on the system. Whole school packages are also available and are tailored to suit schools' needs.

Folens' English GCSE Exam Techniques for AQA 'A' and English GCSE Exam Techniques for AQA 'B' are written by senior examiners and set out to improve grade results. AQA 'A' is a 16-week revision course, which was up-dated last year; AQA 'B' is completely new, offering a 12-week revision course (Pounds 6.99 each).

GCSEEnglish in Collins's Active Revision series combines book content with an interactive tests on CD-Rom. Students test their knowledge with the CD-Rom then refer to the book for areas they need to work on. pound;7.99 for book; Pounds 293.75 for CD-Rom network licence.

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