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Study pack from Save the Children

In Families, a study pack from Save the Children, boys and girls from the UK, the Philippines (pictured), Bosnia-Herzegovina and Burkina Faso introduce us to their home, their daily life and the people who share them. Each has a set of colour photographs and each tells a separate story for listeners or readers at key stages 1 and 2. They cover economic and political settings, domestic fun and sadness, dreams and wishes, schools and quabbles. A well-presented teacher's guide suggests a wide range of activities. These emphasise connections and distinctions between the children and introduce challenging but necessary moral themes. Families pack costs pound;12.99 + 1.95 pamp;p from Save the Children Publications Sales, 17 Grove Lane, London SE5 8RD. Tel: 020 7703 5400. Fax: 020 7703 2278. E-mail: Website:

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