Subject association is a long way from being short-handed

Jenny Hogg

I would like to say how important I feel membership of the Geographical Association is - both for myself and my school, which is a primary.

Having completed a geography degree eight years ago, I am now in the position of leading the subject at the school. I find the magazines from the association really useful for keeping me up to date with the latest developments in the subject, and as a way of sharing good ideas.

The primary geography "quality mark" has also had a huge impact on the staff and pupils in our school. We achieved silver during the national trial, and then gold last year.

The association has inspired a lot of our school's recent work and I feel that, without its support, we would not be in the excellent position in which we now find ourselves.

Jenny Hogg, Infant teacher and leader of geography, Halterworth Primary School, Romsey, Hampshire.

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Jenny Hogg

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