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Subjects in Brief

Easy reading


The new Equality Act requires schools to make information accessible for pupils who cannot read traditional printed texts. On 19 April, the CALL Scotland centre at Moray House, University of Edinburgh, is running a course to help teachers find and use secondary textbooks and materials in alternative, accessible formats, and learn how to make their own materials accessible.

Site to behold

Local services

Are you looking for continuing professional development in your area? is a new website set up by former primary teacher Vicky Kakos, which allows schools to search by postcode for various services, including CPD and in-service training.

Stress relief

Teacher support

Are you having problems coping? Pearson has produced a new edition of Bill Rogers' The Essential Guide to Managing Teacher Stress. Whether it's the behaviour of a challenging class, the volume of paperwork or difficult relationships with colleagues that are the cause, this book offers advice.

Tech tour

ICT and inclusion

CALL Scotland organises an annual tour of different locations around the country, combining an exhibition, presentations by suppliers and short talks by teachers and specialists making good use of technology to support inclusion. The next ones will be in Edinburgh at CALL Scotland, 15 June, and Glasgow, Thistle Hotel, 16 June.

Into Africa

Global teachers

Teachers from South Lanarkshire and Aberdeenshire are joining the Global Teachers Programme, run by the charity Link Community Development, for a challenging and rewarding CPD experience, which includes a five-week placement in Uganda this summer. Global teachers receive comprehensive training, resources and ongoing support from Link's staff in Scotland and Uganda.


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