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Subscriber of the week

Chris Wood, from Stirling

Chris Wood, from Stirling

What do you do?

Lead the life of an active retiree.

How long have you subscribed?

Twenty-five years.

What do you read first?

It used to be Walter Humes' thought-provoking articles, and Alex Wood, whose care and respect for young people were implicit in every piece. Now I settle down with comment and analysis.

What should there be more of in TESS?

Primary PE. There's been huge investment in PE-related CPD for class teachers - would be good to know what impact this has had.

Who would you like to see writing in TESS?

More practitioners.

What's the best thing we've done?

Magazine format.

What would you be excited to see on the front page?

Government target of "two hours' quality PE for every child in Scottish primaries" achieved.

What is TESS?

A great read - always.

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