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Subterranean worlds

* The Cabinet War Rooms provided subterranean protection for Winston Churchill's war cabinet Tel: 020 7930 6961

* London's sewers and water mains are recreated in the Kew Bridge Steam Museum in Brentford Tel: 020 8568 4757

* Williamson Tunnels in Liverpool stretch for miles around the house of the tobacco merchant who built them in the 19th century Tel: 0151 709 6868

* Close to Royston town hall, Hertfordshire, is a cave that is thought to have been a hidden chapel for the Knights Templar Tel: 01763 245484 www.showcaves.comenglishgbmiscRoyston.html

* The West Wycombe Caves in Buckinghamshire were notorious as the meeting place of the Hellfire Club in the 18th century Tel: 01494 533739

* Scotland's Secret Bunker in Troywood near St Andrews was part of a chain of Cold War underground early-warning radar stations.

Tel: 01333 310301

* Dolaucothi Gold Mines near Lampeter in Wales date back almost 2,000 years and can be visited on guided tours Tel: 01558 650177

* Edinburgh's underground city can be found beneath the South Bridge Tel: 0131 557 4700

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