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Summer spoiler;Letter

HAVING WORKED on the Strathclyde University Summer Academy curricular programme since its inception in December last year, and spent a large portion of the school summer holidays working in the delivery of the academy, I was disappointed and saddened to read John Cairney's article (TESS, August 13).

I found his version of the activities there at best a misrepresentation, and at worst a deliberate distortion of the facts.

I would have expected the article to reflect the immense enthusiasm, energy and commitment to this innovative and creative programme of studies which was evident in all participating, including the young students, their mentors and teaching and lecturing staff.

Instead, the article appears to reflect the author's personal feelings towards one of our guest speakers who was present only at the final afternoon's graduation ceremony, which was a minor portion of an intense two-week academic and skills development programme.

The students' own evaluations of their time are overwhelmingly positive and are a testimony to its success, and bear little resemblance to the views expressed in the article.

Kirsty Jamieson

Montieth Gardens



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