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Sun, sea and no OFSTED

Teacher in charge of Technology - Jersey Ever wanted the best of both worlds? How does this sound? Salary pound;34,000 a year in a well-resourced, well-equipped school, far away from teacher shortages and urban decay.

A system based on the English model, but missing some of its dafter innovations. SATs yes, but league tables no. Accountability yes, Office for Standards in Education no.

Hautlieu School on Jersey is looking for someone to lead and develop all areas of design and technology. The school has a national reputation in the subject with students' work often used as exemplar material by exam boards.

The successful candidate will have a role in establishing new technology facilities in an even better-esourced new school building opening in 2004.

Jersey is an independent "bailiwick" with local - and higher - pay scales and conditions of service, but pension arrangements are reciprocal. And it's also the home of Gerald Durrell's zoo for animal conservation, with great shops and beaches.

What's the downside? Well it's a five-year contract and some of that salary premium will be spent on the high living costs on an island where everyone seems to have two or three jobs.

You can't become a permanent resident and in summer the island population is more than quadrupled by tourism. But what do you expect - perfection?

Enquiries to Richard Williams, deputy head. Tel: 01534 736242 Phil Revell

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