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'Super group' short-list finalised

Twelve names have been approved for the Colleges' Employers' Forum slate for elections to the board of the new further education super-organisation.

The CEF's list, whose existence is denied by the leadership, includes principals Gill Anslow, of Guildford College, Patricia Morgan-Webb, of Clarendon, Mike Clegg, of Preston, David Mason, of Amersham and Wycombe, Graham Baskerville, of Chippenham, and Mike Blagden, of Southgate.

Chairs of governors on the slate are Ray Dennison of Barnsley, Derek Coomber of East Surrey, David Kissman of Broxtowe, Jim Scrimshaw of Barking, Colin Daniels of Warrington Collegiate Institute and Howard Phelps of Cirencester.

The AFC also denies having a slate. But a secret list endorsed by leading figures is being dubbed a "new start" slate. Its creation is understood to be partly a response to an endorsement of the CEF slate by the Association of Principals of Colleges, which is likely to back Roger Ward as chief executive of the new organisation. The APC has Hilary Cowell - its president elect in place of Gill Anslow.

The "new start" list is understood to include principals Helena Stockford of Mid-Warwickshire, Ian Macwhinnie of North East London, Chris Hughes of Gateshead, Dr John Capey of Exeter, Hilary Cowell of Filton and Caroline Neville of Norwich City. Chairs of governors on the list are similar to the CEF's. Dennison, Kissman, Scrimshaw and Phelps are all included, together with Peter Ray of Kendal and Margaret Morgan of Suffolk.

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