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Super heads can work wonders

There is much to be applauded in last week's report of the Science and Learning Expert Group.

However, I feel the report is not explicit enough in its recognition of the damage done to the education of future scientists by the Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency and its relentless deluge of "guidance", much of which is unsupported by evidence as to its efficacy.

At key stage 3, the science curriculum is now to be assessed by a hugely bureaucratic tick-box matrix of around 100 statements relating to such things as evidence and communication skills, with vague injunctions to teachers to choose whatever bits of science best generate evidence of pupil progress in each skill.

In the context of the above, the outbreaks of sanity reported in The TES last week - including Professor Barker's article - are very refreshing!

Andrew Urwin, Head of science, Park Community School, Barnstaple.

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