Super loos are flushed with pride

They are unisex, graffiti-free and open to the school's corridor. Welcome to the toilets at Babington community college, Leicester.

A light automatically switches on when a cubicle is used, smoke alarms pinpoint any pupil tempted to light-up and a CCTV camera scans the area.

The pound;22,000 toilets were designed by pupils who were fed up pushing past others who used the toilets as a meeting place.

There are three cubicles for girls and three for boys with a communal washbasin in the middle. The area is open to the school corridor meaning staff as well as pupils can see who has gathered there.

The school asked pupils for their ideas for new toilets.

Judith Smith, principal, said: "One thing they said was they often did not want to go into the old toilets because there were people hanging around.

But these loos are welcoming and friendly."

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