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Living Words

The British Library site offers substantial resources for schools. The "Projects" area is interesting and draws on the library's historical, social and literary source material in a series of activities and guided investigations. It makes use of books, manuscripts, maps, sound recordings and other materials only normally available to those able to visit the British Library in person. David Wray

David Wray, professor of Literacy Education at Warwick University, has packed this site full of stimulating ideas and materials for good practice. Take a look at the section entitled "Creating a literary environment: some teaching ideas" as it is really higly informative. There is also a whole section on Writing Frames. Also includes links to other interesting sites. Wilfred Owen Multimedia Digital Archive Probably the most poetic voice to emerge from the First World War, Owen's work is celebrated in this remarkable site. It looks at his work and all aspects of the war. It is possible to see original handwritten manuscripts, complete with annotations and revisions. All in all, a remarkable work of scholarship.

Apple Xemplar Star Tower

Apple Xemplar Education has increased the online resources available within the Star Tower site. These resources, downloadable and entirely free, are superb in their simplicity and application to the primary curriculum. If only more commercial companies could be persuaded to sponsor work of this quality and make it freely available.

Tate Gallery

The Tate has opened itself up to the world with style and a generosity of spirit. And while no art gallery on the Internet is ever going to be able to equal the experience of admiring a great work of art by actually standing and looking at the real thing, you can get a good approximation from a site like this. It is a pleasure to visit and gets better by the day as more works are added.

24-hour Museum

This is a round-up of the best UK museums, galleries and heritage sites. Beautifully arranged, it includes packs and links to places such as the Scottish Cultural Resource Access Network (SCRAN), a millennium scheme to build a networked multimedia resource for the study, teaching and appreciation of history and culture. A must-bookmark site.

Science Into Action

A BBC site packed with some fine resources and Frames, Flash and Shockwave all but ensure that innovation is at the service of learning. This leads you through five areas of science: air, light, microbes, mixtures and force. In these areas, the techniques are used to create experiments that you can perform. This is well worth a visit.

Science Casebook

Science teachers often compare scientific research with detective work, and this also takes an investigative stance. It uses the curiosity factor to lead pupils into learning via some quite demanding investigations.

National Railway Museum

Railways were as important in the Victorian era as the Internet looks set to be in ours. Will future generations lavish the same amount of love and affection on modems and routers as this museum does on its artifacts? Being the world's largest railway museum, it has a rich collection of images which are usable in a number of curriculum areas.

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