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Susan Clark is loving her secondary school experience

Susan Clark is loving her secondary school experience and feels that her work is valuable and valued.

"I have taught primary for five years at all levels, the last two in the upper primary. I love it at Knightswood Secondary, though it was challenging to begin with because of the size of the school and the different classroom set-ups or layouts," she says.

"I have met no resistance from staff and I feel they definitely value what I do and they appreciate my experience of working at levels A and B.

"I feel I have a real impact because of the class sizes, which are much smaller in support for learning than in primaries.

"I really enjoy the 50-minute periods and the variety and change of classes, which you don't get in primary.

"Going out to the associated primaries is very important in identifying those children who need support and setting that up for them when they come to secondary school.

"I'd like to see more primary teachers in secondaries and secondary specialists in the upper primary. You have to make the best use of all the resources you have to support young people.

"I get tremendous job satisfaction and I'm desperate to stay. I feel that what I do is valuable and that the staff value me."

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