Sweeet FE


Don't blame yourself, you're only the facilitator.

Flexible learners:

Drop-out students who treat your classes as occasional drop-in centres.


Mustn't mind being made redundant.

Flexi-time system:

Not to be confused with proper holidays or a normal working day.


Probably on your next holiday.

Formal assessment:

Marking you really really don't want to do.

Foundation programme:

Dumbing up.

Franchised courses:

The Big Idea, er, went that-a-way.

Franchising contracts:

From toilets and Toblerones to teaching, they can always get it wholesale.

Full convergence:

Where the twain meet.

Full-time teachers:

Drowning, not waving.

Funding methodology:

The Klingon takeover is nearly complete.

Funding squeeze:

The first cut isn't the deepest.

FHE mergers:

Scary monsters.

Further education minister:

Not a mythical beast.

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