Sweet FE

A weekly trek through the jargon jungle

Balance sheets

The bottom line. It don't mean a thing if you don't make the cash register ring.


Near-death experiences are frequently accompanied by even greater efficiency savings, the appearance of ELS lecturers and a personal gym for the vice-principal.


Labour higher education minister who tells the sector to look forward to Welfare to Work - probably because half its workforce will be on it.

Blair, Tony

Initially the handsome prince who was going to kiss the Cinderella of FE and turn her into a modern belle. If Cinders doesn't get her fling, she may down her J-Cloth and demand a doctor's certificate.

Blunkett, David

Him too Brainstorming

Sector development training session based on the theory that 30 brains are better than one and someone must have the Big Idea. People spend six hours on "Making the Most of Sector Meeting Situations" only to decide to, well, communicate.


You notice during enrolment week that the competition has employed a designer.

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