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Sweet FE

Handy, Charles Management guru who tries to make ill-paid part-time work and frequent redundancy sound sexy.

Have-nots It's not supposed to be you.

Health and safety Your college is still legally obliged to provide you with a roof and a door.

Helpline You know the number.

Hierarchical organisation Pre-1980s management theory supposed to have gone the way of loon pants and Peter Purves.

Higher education Book-lined studies. Sherry with your tutees. With proposed cuts nobody knows the number of Portakabins they're going to get. Don't gloat.

Higher education students If university tuition fees go straight into FE coffers, there could be a deluge of degree students. But don't get too excited, they'll just be added to your normal teaching load.

Holidays Remember those?

Hours of work With incorporation FE staff had to be treated like everyone else - pretending to do administration while discussing Teletubbies and making personal phone calls.

Howells, Kim Minister of Portakabins, sorry, Lifelong Learning.

Human resources You.

Human resources department Once those nice people from Personnel who showed an abnormal interest in your hobbies during your interview. Now in the advance guard of the Klingon invasion.

Husband-and-wife team Nice work if you can get it.

Malcolm Burgess

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