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Sweet FE

Lay inspectors: They are surprised by your short hours and long holidays and wonder why your foundation caterers haven't read Dickens's complete works.

LEA: Please, no nostalgie de la boue, remember the red tape you faced requisitioning a bucket for your Portakabin.

Learner achievements: What used to be called "writing something".

Learning resources manager: Someone who believes magic markers are rare and precious.

Learning support: Desks provided Lecturers: Socrates today would probably have to be employed by ELS.

Legal obligations: Colleges worried they may not be able to provide enough early Eighties chromium furniture in their reception areas.

Lifelong learning: Eureka! Earth-shattering! Why didn't anyone else think of this?

Loans: Why shouldn't our students get seriously into debt too?

Local partnerships: Frequently drowning your sorrows in The Dog and Boot with other post-16 college lecturers.

Lottery money: Don't all rush at once.

Malcolm Burgess

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