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Sweet FE;FE Focus

Under funding

One day, Cinderella, your prince will come, until then get the cleaning done.


You'll make a fab job of Welfare to Work, just check you have a job at the end of it.

Unfair dismissal

We prefer to call it putting the college strategic plan into operation.

Unique selling point

Come on, fellow members of the quality circle, there must be something.


Feel humbled as you gaze at the night sky and realise you're only a funding unit.

Unitary elasticity

Government thought you could stretch budgets indefinitely - something had to snap.


Remember, there's always someone worse off than yourself

University extra-mural studies

Start worrying when they do patio building and ask students to bring their own breeze blocks

Unskilled labour

Don't think they wouldn't try it

Unsocial hours

As you're there all the time, what's a few extra unpaid evenings a week Malcolm Burgess

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