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Sweet fight for rights

Parents and children at a primary school in Islington, London, are rallying around their veteran lollipop man to save him from enforced retirement.

When Fred Kent, who has wielded the lollipop outside Sacred Heart School for 17 years, turned 80, Islington Council told him that he would lose his job in a month's time.

"I am choked and devastated he has to go," one parent told Islington Gazette. "He walks better than my nan, who is 20 years younger," added another.

"I'm fit as a fiddle," confirmed Fred, who is a great-grandfather.

Parents were quick to organise an online petition, which attracted 140 signatures. The result so far is that he has been granted a short respite. In its zeal to axe Fred, the council ignored the six-month notice period required to make him redundant, so he can continue until at least September.

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