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Tackling youth unemployment

As the national agency for youth work, YouthLink Scotland welcomes the government's new strategy for youth unemployment and strongly believes that youth work, in its many forms and guises, can play a key role in delivering on many of its aims.

It is important that employers and key decision makers are encouraged to recognise the vital role that youth work plays in supporting young people in their transitions from education or unemployment to work. It helps to develop key employability skills - such as self-confidence, communications, team working and a sense of personal responsibility - in young people, many of whom come from the hardest-hit and hardest-to-reach communities. It is also crucial in helping many young people to reach their full learning and employment potential and should never be regarded as an optional extra.

As a sector, we are keen to work with the government to help alleviate the worst effects of youth unemployment and maintain the resilience of our young people.

Jim Sweeney, chief executive, YouthLink Scotland.

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