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Take the biscuit

Fancy a breaktime treat for your staffroom, department or school office? Answer our quiz (think biscuit for one of the answers) and you could win two tins of organic Duchy Originals.

1. Compounds of what metal are used to stop your armpits getting sweaty? 2.

In May, which country takes the presidency of the UN's disarmament conference? 3. Arthur Wellesley, a famous British soldier, is better known as? 4. Who said: "I read Shakespeare and the Bible, and I shoot dice.

That's what I call a liberal education"? 5. What are Eukanuba, Iams and James Wellbeloved?

February 14 answers: 1. The Empire State Building; 2. Biscuits; 3. Alfred Wallis; 4. Saudi Arabia; 5. A plant that does not grow in soil.

For Take the Biscuit email: by February 27. First out of the hat takes the biscuits. Teaching materials and the answer to one question are at If you don't have email, send a postcard, with the name of the offer and your address to: Tracey Thomas, Friday magazine, 66-68 East Smithfield, London E1W 1BX

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