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Take care when you travel

Sustrans, one of the leading sustainable transport charities, has launched a new DVD, Healthier Routes, to help schools develop safe travel plans.

The resource, which will be distributed to primary schools through local authority school travel co-ordinators, looks into the problems different types of schools face when trying to achieve safer and healthier routes to school for pupils (such as a walking crocodile, pictured) an d how they might overcome them.

Narrated by broadcasterDJ Grant Stott, it includes examples of the work carried out at eight schools across East Lothian, Glasgow, the Highlands, and Perth and Kinross. The Scottish Government's transport directorate funded the DVD as part of the "Tackling the School Run" scheme. Teacher interviews at the end of the DVD show how it ties in closely with the themes embedded within A Curriculum for Excellence.

The 30-minute film is broken down into sections with suggestions for classroom discussions or exercises after each topic, including sections on: "Why don't we walk?", "The Travel Plan who to involve", "Keeping Going" and "Think Global, Act Local".



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