Take cover from monstrous meddlers

A horde of creatures more frightening than Godzilla is rampaging through the streets of Tokyo.

As The TES has previously reported, teachers in Japan have been increasingly concerned by the rise of what they call "monster parents", some of whom are so pushy and interfering that they insist on sitting in on lessons.

But help is at hand. Not a super-weapon, but special insurance to protect teachers from legal action by these demanding families.

The Daily Yomiuri reports that the number of teachers taking out "monster parent insurance" has soared from 1,300 to 21,800 over the past seven years.

One wretched school was taken to court by a parent who demanded compensation for the period of time that their child could not use their mobile on a school trip.

"Since the use of cell phones on school trips is prohibited, I expect the school to pay the portion of my child's fixed monthly phone bill covering the time he's away," she told the paper.

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