Take the train to Oz

Hull's teachers have an entitlement to training that Dr Andy Swallow, an assistant director of education, hopes will make them want to stay with the authority.

As well as the standard training on topics such as marking and assessment, there are opportunities for more individualised mentoring and coaching, and tailor-made programmes for senior management.

"We have a variety of training input," says Dr Swallow. "It's more beneficial than taking people out - they never have time to cascade to colleagues."

A trip to Australia is part of the international MBA, in co-operation with Hull University. But the teachers who stay at home can expect support not just from the advisory team but also from their advanced skills and teacher consultant colleagues and local business people.

"We've got to get away from the LEA being the fountain of all knowledge," says Dr Swallow. "It's professionally developing for teachers to be developing their colleagues."

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