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Taking flight from reality

Well done to Steve Eddison's wife for buying him flying lessons ("I'm winging it to 65", 15 November). And Mr Eddison, welcome to the world of aviation. My son bought me a lesson for my 50th birthday; 16 years later I am still hooked. Up in the sky one looks down on the world below. The higher one goes the smaller it gets and this puts life into perspective. All those minor problems that seem so major down there - such as what irrelevancy the politicians will think up next - can be seen for what they really are. When taking off from a muddy field, one can feel lumps of mud dropping off the wheels. These are also the hassles of life dropping away. Keep at it Mr Eddison, keep us updated and let us know when you have your licence.

Jane Giffould, Halstead, Essex.

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