Talking about context

Kate Adie, chief news correspondent for the BBC, will be among the speakers - barring a last-minute call-up to a war zone - at the Association for Language Learning's annual conference on "Languages in context" to be held on April 11-13, at Keele University.

Among other speakers is Frances Morrell, senior research fellow of the Federal Trust and former leader of the Greater London Council and policy adviser to Tony Benn, who has written a report on the lack of specific reference to Europe in the national curriculum. In addition, a major speaker from Scotland will discuss primary and post-16 foreign languages. Fee: Pounds 90 three days, Pounds 45 one day.

The association is also running inset courses, including a German day in York on November 2, a French weekend in Manchester on November 8-10, and Dutch and Asian weekends in Rugby on November 15-17. Details: Association for Language Learning, 150 Railway Terrace, Rugby CV21 3HN. Tel: 01788 546443.

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