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Talking point

What headteachers say about the National College for School Leadership

Phil Duffy, head of New Heys comprehensive, Liverpool: "The college gives heads a very important focus and allows us a chance to rethink ways of doing things. I'm disappointed that somebody steeped in the world of education would denigrate it ."

Andrea Berkeley, head of Preston Manor high, Wembley:

"It's one of the best things that has happened. There needs to be a national training programme for heads and other leaders in education - it's been a long time coming."

Di Stendall, head of Matthew Holland secondary, Selston, Nottinghamshire:

"We've looked at using the college on a number of occasions but it's either not been able to deliver what we wanted or been too expensive." Rhoda Poyser, head of Pheasey Park Farm primary, Great Barr, Birmingham: "I feel disappointed Chris Woodhead would make those kinds of comments. School leaders in the past have not had specific training and this seems a good ploy to put that right."

Chris Ingham, head of John Falkner primary, Sawston, Cambridge: "I've just finished a mentoring and coaching training course so I can help colleagues and other heads. We would take up willingly anything on offer that looks to be of use to us."

Glenys Croston, head of Norfolk Park primary, a special school in Sheffield: "I don't think Chris Woodhead has the support of heads. The college is excellent. It's helping us with improvements."

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