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I did a stupid thing. I got involved with the deputy at the school I worked in as a long-term supply teacher. The whole mess is over now, thank goodness. He finished the affair when my term of employment ended. But I am left feeling hurt, bruised and totally lacking in confidence. I turned down lots of opportunities for supply work to devote myself to his school and now, to my cost, I am finding it difficult to get back into the supply circuit. What can I do?


Sometimes it's hard to find the way back from the garden paths we allow ourselves to be led down. I can understand that you must be feeling quite foolish, embarrassed and let down but every experience is a learning opportunity as they say. The answer to the lack of supply work is easy. Get yourself on an agency's register and wait by the phone.

The resolution of your feelings of anger and injustice is another matter entirely. You might be tempted to do silly things such as putting your ex-lover in an equally embarrassing position.

Try and resist these urges, it won't do your career any good. If you must, spend a bit of time fantasising about meting out retribution - you can let yourself go with all the dastardly plots for his downfall you can imagine. Use the ear of a close friend so you can let off steam but take no action. Let time pass, it's the best healer. Put it down to experience and move on.

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